track Time and attendance

Manage Your Employees

employees clock in and out

No need for separate and pricey time and attendance systems. Have your employee’s clock in and out of their shifts using the Prolific POS digital time clock.

track employee hours accurately

Our time clock records your employee hours easily and accurately. Generate detailed reports, monitor your employee’s time and attendance remotely and give higher admin access to your managers.Don’t spend any more of your time on paper time cards and hours of calculation, or the high costs of other web clocks. Prolific POS offers this at no cost and to your benefit.

simplify payroll

Processing payroll for one or several locations does not have to be difficult, frustrating or time consuming. With time and attendance reports available to you online, sending timesheets to your payroll processor takes seconds!

create staff schedules and email

Easily create your staff’s weekly schedules and email to all your employees with a click of a button. The Prolific POS scheduler streamlines your staff work schedules and keeps everyone in the loop even when updates are made to schedules with our email feature.

add newsflash messages to staff

Keep your staff up-to-date with NewsFlash’s that post directly to the Prolific POS. Whether you are running staff sales promotions, customer specials, staff meeting times or just need to relay a message to your employees, you now have the capabilities to post these from your Office Backend!

Offering seasonal farm-to-fork food is my passion which means that my menu changes almost daily. The ability to easily change the menu buttons and modifiers on this POS is great! It not only makes my life easier when I need to adjust my menu but my servers can take orders and modify them to exactly what the customer requests and the easy to read order with all of the modifications prints right to the kitchen. Easy as pie!


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