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report sets

Knowledge is key. The countless number of reports that are available with our POS System will increase your ability to make the best decisions for each and every aspect of your business. From which product is bringing in the most revenue to tracking employee performance, we will let you get to know your business inside and out. You will wonder how your business functioned before you had the Prolific POS

dashboard 360 degree view

Make confident decisions, engage with suppliers, build relationships with your customers, and manage your staff by having all of the information you could need, all in one place.

allows you to thoroughly manage your business with a touch of a button

Take your business to the next level & seamlessly move from entering an order or taking a payment on the front end,entering customer profile informationto setting up a loyalty programs on the back end with ease.

Seamlessly move from entering an order & taking a payment on the front end, to creating a customer loyalty program orsetting up hardware on the back end with ease. With all of the tools you need at your fingertips you can easily take & retain control of your business.

The free automatic tip calculator feature gives my customers the option to add 15%, 20% or 25% to their order, completely taking the guesswork out of tipping. Checkout time has decreased while my revenue increased!

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We are so confident in this guarantee
that we have created the PROLIFIC
CHALLENGE for our clients.

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