Keep Track Of Your Inventory

import inventory

Importing inventory is simple! We provide you with a template in which you can import newly received inventory or current inventory with ease. Import to single or multiple locations within minutes.

easily add new inventory items

Add new inventory items in seconds! Easily enter your item’s information and add new product to your inventory line. Add in new items with as little as the name and sales price or be more detailed with adding in more details to the item such as product cost, SKU codes, departments assigned to, categories assigned to, suppliers, order triggering per item, assigned locations for multi locations and so much more! We’ve designed a simple system that can track the complexities you need to manage your inventory.

manage suppliers

Manage all of your suppliers in one central database. Maintain, consolidate and update supplier information, codes and statuses accurately all at the touch of your fingertips. This not only cuts down on additional costs by not having multiple systems but allows you to quickly locate important information and build key relationships.

easily adjust inventory quantities

Whether you need to add, subtract or set current inventory levels, the Prolific POS makes this simple to do for any of your items. View current quantities and submit bulk inventory adjustments easily through our import wizard.


Never forget to order important inventory items again! Set order triggers to have items automatically placed on your inventory reorder report. This allows for more automation in your business and less time trying to figure out what items need to be reordered.

single and multiple item modifiers

Setting up options for your items is simple! Whether needing to setup options for sizes, special toppings, dressing type for a salad, bread type for a sandwich, toppings for a pizza you can customize by using single or multiple modifiers. Setup modifiers for your items in seconds!

The prolific POS system had a huge impact on my business. It was easy to set up my large number of items on the menu page and to make modifications to an items price or quantity. Most importantly, managing my inventory, which is my least favorite task, is no longer a task. This POS allows me to run my business in the most efficient manner possible by having my entire back-office at my fingertips so my focus can be where it should be-on my customers.

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