Customer Data

Saves Your Customer Info

save customer information for
future purchases

Having the most accurate customer data is crucial in operating your business. Prolific POS securely stores your customer data to quickly access your customer’s profile. We’ve simplified pulling up purchase history information, placing re-orders and processing customer returns by keeping it accessible on your Prolific POS. No more needing to rely on paper receipts!

pull up customer profile by
phone number

Pull up customer profiles in seconds by phone number or email on file. Customer name shows on screen once pulled up so your staff can greet your customers by name and show them they are appreciated! What better way to earn customer appreciation & build lasting relationships.

easily view customers rewards in their profile

Rewarded customers are raving customers and raving customers increase revenue. Keep track and view your customer’s loyalty points to let them know when they can claim their reward at the time of purchase. Digital punches & points earned for their next reward are easily displayed for viewing on your customer’s profile. Build customer loyalty by rewarding their purchases at your business and bring them back for repeat business and increased revenue! Offering the Prolific POS loyalty program will build your brand and generate extra revenue…and it’s FREE!

create marketing campaigns to your existing customer base

Create new marketing campaigns in minutes to promote your business. Email promotions, coupons, specials and so much more! Set email schedule dates and promotion start and end dates to customize specifically to your business. Market to all or particular customer lists based on your audience.


Expand our marketing efforts by creating different promotions to market to different target audiences. Whether you want to reward most frequent visitors, offer special promotions to least frequent visitors, send out birthday specials or even target by zip code, the Prolific POS marketing program gives you the ability to market out your own personalized promotions to your customer base.


View data and analytics in seconds to see what your top selling items are, your top spending customers, top visiting customers, new customers and much more! Use data to analyze what products are successful and which customers to reward.

The prolific POS system had a huge impact on my business. It was easy to set up my large number of items on the menu page and to make modifications to an items price or quantity. Most importantly, managing my inventory, which is my least favorite task, is no longer a task. This POS allows me to run my business in the most efficient manner possible by having my entire back-office at my fingertips so my focus can be where it should be-on my customers.

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